Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weekend Recap

The weather was perfect!  The company was perfect!  We had a great time.  The only thing I would have done differently would have been to take a sweater on the Glass Bottom Boat Tour.  We plan to do it again!!!

We were up at 6am and gone from the trailer by 645 to drive to South Bay Mouth on Manitoulin Island to catch the Ferry over to Tobermory to spend the day.  The ferry ride is just under 2 hours and when we arrived we met up with Hubby's brother and family who were spending the weekend.  We hung out at their campground, had lunch and then headed back to the docks to get on a glass bottom boat tour.  It took 2 hours and we were able to see ship wrecks and toured around Flower Pot Island.  You can actually transfer off the Tour Boat onto a Zodiak and spend the day exploring the island or even camp there too!  After the tour was done, we found some supper, had some ice cream and explored some of the shops around the water front.  We caught the 8pm ferry back to South Bay Mouth and we were back at the trailer by 1130 that night.  It made for a very long day, but the kids and the dog were so well behaved and they slept the entire truck ride from the ferry back to camp.  What a great way to celebrate our 16th Wedding Anniversay!!!!

Making our way to the dock

Hubby and his nephew

Almost at the boat

On the boat...found the life boats!

Jo went and got coffee for hubby!

Flag on the back of the boat

Front of the boat

The dog was only allowed on one deck outside!  She traveled really well!

Lighthouse almost in Tobermory

Heading into the dock in Tobermory

In South Bay Mouth, the cars drive into the back of the ferry and in Tobermory they exit through the front

The Ferry

The boat we took our tour on

One of the ship wrecks

The other shipwreck

This Coast Guard Boat is designed to roll right over in the water!

I'd be nervous if I was the one in the kayaks!!!

Lighthouse on Flower Pot Island

One of the flower pots

Can you see the face of the old man watching over the lake?

Sunset heading back to South Bay Mouth

Almost ready to dock in South Bay Mouth

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