Saturday, May 8, 2010

It's Saturday!

So far the weekend has gone fairly smooth. We went out last night for dinner. I managed to make it through dinner and some shopping before the anxiety started. I sometimes wish that I would have full blown panic attacks instead of what I go through. I can't have anything near my neck. Anything touching it makes me want to throw up, breathing wants to make me throw up, talking makes me want to throw up...come to think of it, it all makes me want to throw up! My chest gets tight, my head aches, my legs get numb. One sleeping pill last night and all was well this morning.

I got to have a sleep in morning! My child was at a sleepover and Mr Hardworker was up and gone about 8:30. I crawled back into bed and watched some great re-runs of Will and Grace and then finally got up and up and mobile around 10. I was able to organize my little office space and got playing in all my beads and findings. They are all ready to be made into pretty things the next time the mood strikes me. I am waiting for a parcel to arrive from a seller on Etsy so I can work on the next few ideas that are floating around in my head. Next on my list is go through my stash of yarn and try and unload some of it. I have far too much and will never use it all. Time to pass it along to someone else!

I even went so far as to take some pictures today. The cat was mesmerized by the weather outside and I took a few of the child outside today too. It was awful and cold, but kids just don't feel it. They see snow and get excited!!

Here's to hoping for a smooth day again tomorrow!!

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