Thursday, February 13, 2014

Think about It Thursday!

A couple of years ago a followed a blog that did a Wee Bit about Me Wednesday.  The blog doesn't exist anymore and Throwback Thursday doesn't really do anything for I thought maybe Think about It Thursday might work!

I often think about how different my life would have been if we would have had a regular childhood.  My parents spent countless hours and miles on the road traveling for my brother's cancer treatments.  He is alive today which makes it all worth it...but what if he hadn't been sick. 
  1. Would we have traveled the world?
  2. Would my younger prettier sister have been born?
  3. Would we have stayed in the same small town?
  4. Would my parents still be married?
  5. Where would I be today?
I often think about these things and wonder about the "what ifs?"  If not for all the things that have happened in the past, I wouldn't be the woman I am today nor would I be where I am.  I may never have had the opportunity to tour Toronto as much as we did.  I've been to China Town, ridden the Subway, attended the CNE and one birthday I got a CHUM FM t-shirt. 

I remember wanting so badly to go to the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition).  My brother said he didn't want to go to some stupid shopping mall.  He was surprised that we weren't shopping.  We rode the subway and streetcar and spent the day.  I've only been once....I guess it's soon time to take our kids.

I was able to go through the Eaton's Center with Dad, he took me to China Town where I got to see dead chickens hanging in storefronts. I was appalled at that...I was just a kid.

I wonder if my sister would even exist?  Would I have the confidant that I have now.  I can't imagine what life would be like without her.  I know I'd still be Mom's favorite! But who would I coaster ride with, shop with, complain to, laugh at(kidding) with?

I need to learn to live by that!

I wonder what next Thursday will bring?  Maybe more on this....Who knows?

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