Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wee bit of me Wednesday

{one} what was your first job?
I worked the counter/cash/kitchen at a little restaurant/convenience store.  I made a whopping $2.65 an hour

{two} have you ever seen a stand up comedian?
We have gone a few times.  No big names, but it always makes for a fun night

{three} when was the last time you played mini golf?
Hmmm, would have to been last summer if not the summer before

{four} what was the last picture you took?

Jewelry that I made with the Coiling Gizmo

{five} burnt food: yes or no?
Mostly no but I love burnt cheese

{six} if you have a pocket full of change, what do you do with it?

Hand it over to Jo

{seven} can you touch your tongue to your nose?

{eight} do you scrapbook?
Another No

{nine} do you buy lottery tickets?
Depends on how high the lotto is

{ten} do you prefer to be in front of the camera or behind it?
Behind it always

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