Monday, April 4, 2011

Totally Ignored Blog

We've been busy and my depression is on it's way back up again I think.  Things have been crazy around here for the last couple of weeks.  Here's a quick rundown!
  • Beautiful weather has finally come to Northern Ontario
  • Our nephew has moved in with us
  • Great friend of mine had surgery last week
  • New bedroom furniture for Jo
  • We are dog sitting for friends
  • Cupboards that have been in storage have finally been installed
  • Fridge and stove have new homes in the kitchen
  • Along with a new Over the Range Microwave
  • Oak Post have been installed for the railing so we don't tumble into the stairway
Here are a few pics...I can't find my point and shoot and I think some of the pictures are on that one :-(
Getting everything organized was no small feat.  Since our nephew moved in he has been sleeping in the toy room so we had to get her toys upstairs so she has her space to play and our Nephew has his own space as well.  He got her double bed and dresser and she got this fancy new single loft bed with the dressers underneath and plenty of room for the toys that we kept!

The New Bed

Some of what had to be sorted

More of what had to be sorted
Her room is finished

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