Monday, February 7, 2011

It's a Yay Day!

My friend Dani from Postcards From the Mothership used to have regular "Yay Days" and I am going to take her idea and do a Yay Day here!

  • Scored some great finds at the 50% off sale at Value Village
  • Things are starting to turn around for my sister!! More on that when she says it's ok!
  • Hubby and I talked yesterday about the end of my Employment Insurance coming to an end and whether or not I should pursue some education..As much as I would love to go back to school we have decided that I will continue to stay home, sew, bead, help with his dad!! I'm thrilled!
  • There was a spaghetti lunch fundraiser for B on the weekend and I think the turnout was much larger than expected.  He starts a 5 day round of chemo this morning...(not so yay)
  • I have all kinds of things made for another fundraiser for B!  I have handmade purses and jewelry for the silent auctions
  • The weather has warmed up and we can now almost use the back door properly again.
  • I had a great phone visit with one my oldest friends the other night and she is doing well
  • I picked up some samples of my antidepressants from my Dr's office this morning..gotta love saving money!!
  • I also found out that another friend who has been trying for baby number one for about 3 years is expecting, but I'm not supposed to know!! I'm thrilled for them

I'm sure there is more to Yay about today, but I have earrings to make and bags to sew!

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