Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sewing Room Clean Up

I haven't sewn in over a week.  It took me that long to get things cleaned up so that our company this weekend wouldn't have to deal with my mess.  They have a 10 month old and pins and scraps on the floor wouldn't have been a good thing at all.

When we bought our home the basement had been converted into an apartment.  We haven't taken the kitchen out because it's nice to have the extra storage space and when renovating having a second kitchen is a blessing.  I have some reno's planned for the kitchen again and had cleaned and purged the basement so that we could move everything down there.  Then I started sewing again.  Hubby and I decided that to get rid of my clutter I might as well go ahead and use the cupboard.  Here is how things shaped up.  I'm looking forward to getting it messy again!

I am embarrassed to say that this is the mess before.  My stuff is at the back of the room and you can see the 2 machines that the girls use on the table

I have a few things put away and am getting ready to organize

Most of my fabric fit into the cupboards.  I bought little drawer units for needles, pins and other little things that I need to have close at hand

All Done!  You can't see the other table on the right, but both machines there for the girls are tidy and ready to take out of the boxes when they want to sew too!

The freezer is a great cutting table and the drawers now house all of my thread, bobbins, zippers, buttons and all kinds of other little things.  The cupboards are full of fabric and I am ready for my next project.


  1. Wow Annie! What a clean up job. It's funny what we can make work when we just want to sew. Love all that storage space~

  2. Great clean up! It's so great to see other peoples messy craft/sewing spaces and know that I'm not alone. Projects are messy!