Thursday, February 24, 2011

Missing Grampa

Tuesday marked the one year anniversary of the death of my Grampa.  It was a rough day for me.  I stayed in bed for part of it and only went out so that I could do the little bit of shopping that my father in law needed.
I have been reliving last year for the last few days remembering where I was, what we were doing. 

There are some things that stand out in my mind
  • Crying in the truck when hearing The Climb from Miley Cyrus
  • Having some good laughs with my siblings looking at Grampa's funny stuff
  • Trying to decide if electronics were appropriate for the kids to take to the funeral home(we decided yes, but only in some areas)
  • Being disappointed with my co-workers and employer.  No flowers, no donation, no card...
  • Nana being as strong as always
  • The kids being well behaved
  • The snow!  It was crazy the amounts we got
  • My sister being very hesitant to go in
  • Nana touching Grampa's face and saying God Bless You Frank
  • Seeing my brother at the very end standing alone at the casket
  • Hugging Grampa for the last time.  I've never touched a dead body before.  He felt like a doll
  • Jo sitting with her Uncle for the service being very well behaved
It was a rough week, but in the end I knew that Grampa wasn't happy being confined to a bed and not doing all the things he loved.  I miss him more that anything....

Here are a few pictures from that week.  Some taken by me, some by my sister and some by my mom

The Snow!

One of the Funnies that Grampa collected

His wall of Fame

My cousin feeding the deer

Jo wearing Grampa's wig

The snowman!

He was cute

A painting of the house and property

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