Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

The topic for Ten on Tuesday this week is 10 favorite birds!

  1. Hummingbird-Love to watch them
  2. Robin-spring is here
  3. Cardinal-beautiful birds
  4. Chickadee-friendly little things
  5. Whip poor will-sing me to sleep
  6. Crane-majestic looking birds
  7. Woodpecker-crazy to listen to, pretty to look at
  8. Loon-Beautiful to watch, but such a sad sounding bird
  9. Swan-Just a beautiful bird
  10. Owl-I just love Owls!

Wanna play along?  Sign up here! Carole always comes up with great ideas that really gets your mind thinking!!
Thanks to Carole Knits for getting this organized every week!


  1. Oh I forgot Swan! :) Happy TOT!

  2. Great lists! I just love birds. . .

  3. I love owls too!! Great list.