Monday, September 20, 2010


Last night I tried to upload more than just the one photo.  Of course none of the others would load and I was starting to get a little bit peeved.  After posting I realized that I had logged into a different gmail account and that prevented the pictures from uploading.  This is something I know....

Depression will often mess with your concentration. 

Hubby and I spend Friday night at the funeral home for a friend who died far too young.  Late 40's is too young in my opinion.  Hubby was working Saturday so I attended the actual funeral service alone.  Going alone didn't bother me, I knew a lot of the people there.  It was at the end of the service when for some reason, it hit me.  And it hit me really hard.  By the time I got to my vehicle I was sobbing, and you know those kinds of sobs when you can't catch your breath.  That was me.  Some wonderful friends pulled up beside me to see if I was ok and I knew that once I calmed down I would be fine to drive.  On the way home I stopped at my mom's and got a mom hug that of course can fix anything and was then on my way.  I was getting ready to head to camp for our final weekend of the year, packed our bags, found some food and was ready to go.  I couldn't find my house key so I decided to go to the garage and take the one from there that we have in case of an emergency. The keypad on the garage door wouldn't work so here I was trying to figure out how I was going to lock the house and then put the key away and use the keypad on the garage to lock the door.  The keypad wasn't working so I figured the batteries were dead.  I had no idea how I was going to lock both and leave the key for hubby in case he didn't have his.  I called him and it was him who finally made me realize that there is a huge door in the garage that you can fit your car through, and that we both have remotes in our vehicles to close the door.  I didn't have the logic in my brain to figure that out. 

Depression often causes problems with concentration.  The most obvious of solutions are right in front of you and you just can't seem to make them work or even how to solve a very simple situation.  Depression isn't all about crying and sadness, worthlessness and being can affect all aspects of your daily life.  Sad but so very true........

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  1. Yes, it is very sad...and it's a reality we know all too well.