Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

10 Things in Your Refrigerator Right Now

After a day at Costco yesterday this one should be rather easy!!

1.  Strawberries, I want to make Banana Strawberry Jam this week!
2.  Left over pork roast from last night
3.  Milk, chocolate and white
4.  Feta stuffed Jalapeno peppers..mmmm
5.  All kinds of condiments, some doubled..we closed the trailer last weekend
6.  Fruit..lately we have been loving oranges and there are plenty of apples too
7.  Left over Chinese food from the birthday supper on Friday
8.  Eggs
9.  Real Maple Syrup that I bought for making Pumpkin Butter
10.Lots of butter left over from the Butter Cream Icing from the cake (pictures and post to follow)

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