Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Sister

Back when I was in the first grade my parents brought home a baby.  The baby just happened to be a girl which meant that I now had to share my room.  My life would have been much simpler if she had been a boy.  Privacy went right out the window that day for me.  Although I was only 6 when she was born I vividly remember that I was late coming home from school and my dad came to find me and I think I he was a little upset that I didn't rush home to meet her.  I don't remember much more of that day but I do however have 36 years of memories.  Some are clear, some I care to forget and days like today are ones that I will cherish.  She snooped in my room, ratted me out for smoking when I was a teen, fell in love with some of my boyfriends, wore my clothes, followed me everywhere and was a pain in my neck most of the time. But,  I was the first one to see her stand up in her crib and the first one to see her crawl.  She wanted my brother's matchbox cars and I kept moving then further away!  I was such a bully!!!  Because there is a 6+ year age difference we had very little in common for many years.  I didn't find out until we were adults that she snooped in my room and wore my clothes and shoes because she thought I was cool.  I was the older sister.  I never thought of it that way, I'm the oldest.

Late 70's

After we both became adults we went through periods where we were friends and then we were enemies.  We talked on the phone for hours or fought through letters that we actually had to mail.  Then for whatever reason, something changed and we became best friends.  We can go for days without speaking, texting or even emailing.  We can go for weeks without seeing each other and yet friends we remain.

She is a strong woman, a tender and patient woman.  She lives her life with passion.  She has had a tough go of things over the last few years and yet she continues.  She has up days and down days but keeps herself going for her boys.  She has been a nurturing and loving mother to both of them and has made many sacrifices for both of them and puts their needs ahead of her own.  She is very independent and tough on the outside but if you really know her, you know that she is a soft and easily hurt on the inside.  I now look up to her.  I'm not sure that I could handle some of the things that have happened over the years as well has she has.

I try my best to help out when I can.  To help her and the boys, to be a good sister to her and a good friend as well.  She is turn does the same for me.

Today will be one of the days that I will cherish.  I treated her today to a day of pampering at a Day Spa.  We arrived and had pedicures together, she then had a manicure and I had a set of acrylic nails done.  She sat for an hour in the massage chairs and I hope forgot about everything for the afternoon.  It's not often that we make the time to do things together.  Between children, home and work there aren't enough hours to do things together.  I enjoyed watching her be pampered today.  She truly looked relaxed and content this afternoon.


My sister

It's days like today that remind me how lucky I am to have a sister!!!
I love you and am forever grateful that being sisters has made us friends!!!!!

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  1. She thinks the world of you too! I love you xoxo