Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Operation Home Made Christmas......

is almost done!

I have my calendars at Staples to be cut to fit the CD cases, labels ready to go on jars, sewing is done, jewelery is done and all that needs to be finished are the baskets that some of the stuff is going into.

As for the rest
  • Santa is ready for action
  • Everything else is almost all wrapped
  • Almost all the groceries are bought
  • The house is almost clean (Thanks Mom)
  • One more day of school tomorrow
  • Guest/Playroom is ready for company
  • Laundry is waiting
I think doing a home made Christmas was good for me this year.  I still spent way too much money and over bought as usual, but my mind was occupied and that kept some of my depression at bay.  I had some tears, and I know there will be more but keeping busy has certainly helped.  This is a really hard time of year.  To get a Christmas Card from Nana and have only her name on it was heart wrenching to read, as I'm sure it was as difficult for her to write.

We have helped out this year as we have every year.  Maybe a little more so than we have in the past.  Jo's school adopted 2 families and we sent along some new jammies and panties for 2 of the girls on the list.  Our niece adopted a family and we bought diapers and formula for them.  This year too we helped to make sure that 2 boys who are dear to our hearts will have a good Christmas.  At times I feel almost guilty looking at all the gifts under our tree knowing that there are so many others who are not as fortunate as we are.

My grandfather always that said that when you give, you get back tenfold.  Knowing that an infant will have the proper nutrition for a couple of weeks, knowing that 2 girls will be going to bed in new Pajamas and that 2 boys will have the gifts they wanted under the tree is my "tenfold".

Jo knows too about helping out.  She picked the pajamas and took them to school and we bought the infant stuff at the same time.  I hope she realizes just how lucky she is.....

She is a funny little girl at times!  We stopped the other day to pick up a basket of Christmas plants for my mom.  I walked into the nursery and turned around and she was nowhere to be seen.  I realized that the door to the store was still open.  Another car had pulled in a just as we were getting out of our car and she was holding the door open for them.  I think she waited holding the door open for 2 or 3 minutes.  If only she could put those great manners to work at home!!

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