Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Ten Things On Your To-Do List

I had this all done, hit one wrong key...and there it was.....Gone...
Here we go again!

1.  Christmas Cards.  They are in the envelopes and the labels are ready to be printed.  They need to go in the mail yesterday.
2.  Groceries.  We deep fry our turkeys so we need 2 that are less than 18lbs and I think I will do one in the oven too.  I have to get all the other groceries that go along with Christmas too!
3.  Shopping.  Nothing too big left to buy, but I also have to do some shopping for my Father in Law too.
4.  Sewing.  I have 2 quillows that are sold that I have to make and I ordered some fleece on eBay for Jo and am hoping that it's here by the time school is done on the 22nd so I can get hers made for Christmas too.
5.  My pampering appointment.  My sister and I are headed tomorrow for manicures and pedicures.  My gift to her!
6.  Wrapping.  Nothing is wrapped.  Fortunately Santa puts all of Jo's gifts into a Santa Sack that was mine when I was growing up, so that takes a little pressure off.
7.  Calendars.  I have to size the pictures and print them so they can be taken to the office supply store to be cut to the proper size.
8.  House cleaning.  This is an on going project and will probably be a last minute thing.  It seems the sooner I get it done, the quicker it gets messed again.
9. I have some receipts that have to be sent in for reimbursement. 
10.Hubby's HST return for November has to get done.  Thankfully I have until December 31st to get that done.

I know there is more......This is such a crazy time of year!  I tell myself every year that I'm going to be more organized.  Maybe next year!

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Thanks to Carole Knits for getting this organized every week!

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