Monday, January 24, 2011

Depression...Let's Raise Some Awareness

Over the last little bit, my depression has been up and down as is the case with many cases of depression.  What really got me thinking about it was an email from a friend of mine who I knew was battling it this year and then some of the responses from other friends who also "admitted" to having to take antidepressants.  It almost seems that mental illness is not to be talked about and that it is still taboo.  I have always been open and up front about suffering it and I hate the fact that so many others feel the need to keep it bottled up.  What people fail to realize is that those who do suffer from depression have no more control over it than someone with any other kind of illness.  So in my opinion, if you suffer from back pain, then you avoid doing things that might aggravate it and you take the proper medication to keep your back as pain free as possible.  For my depression, I avoid alcohol and try to keep away from situations that I know might trigger "a down" for me.  I also stay on my medication and see my Doctor to adjust dosages or change medicine as I tend to become immune after taking some of them.  I have been very fortunate that Wellbutrin has been working for years with some adjustments and in the spring my Doctor added Pristiq to the mix as well.  Both have been working well, but I still have times when I could sleep around the clock, have no ambition and can't be bothered to do any of the things I love to do.

Bell Canada has come up with an Awareness Campaign called Let's Talk

Bell will contribute 5¢ for every long distance call and text message its customers make on February 9, 2011 to support mental health related programs across the country. 

Clara Hughes has won Olympic Medals for Canada in both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games and has partnered with Bell for this Campaign!

Don't be ashamed by the fact that you need a little help every now and then.  

Don't be afraid to say that you suffer from depression.

Don't be afraid at all, you aren't alone.

Help is out there.  There are support groups, there are medications and other treatments available.  Suffering from depression is no different than any other ailment.  It's real and it's treatable.  If we all work together we can erase the stigma surrounding mental health and hopefully everybody one day will realize that it just isn't going to go away!

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