Tuesday, January 11, 2011

An Update on B's Progress

B is in Toronto at Mount Sinai Hospital and told me today that he had almost everything done there in one day that it took to get done in a week here. I chatted with him twice today.  Once texting and the second time on Facebook!

He has been diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma

It doesn't look like the cancer has spread.  It is not on his spine, but on his ribs.  They are going to do 10 Chemotherapy Treatments, 3 weeks in between and they might start radiation half way through that.  Once the treatments are done they will consider surgery to remove what is left of the tumor.  They are hoping that it will shrink considerably.  He seems to be in good spirits and is regaining feeling in his legs.  He said it feels like he is defrosting.  It's almost like when your foot falls asleep and you get the pins and needles feeling.

Last week I went up to the hospital on Wednesday knowing that I wouldn't be able to get into the ICU to see him, but was able to sit with his parents and other family to keep them company during the wait times to go in to see him.  I went again on Friday and because he was no longer hooked up to anything they put him in a wheelchair and he was able to come and visit everyone in the waiting room.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but he is one hell of a kid!! I laughed at his hair and he asked me what I expected...he hadn't had a shower since last year!  I spoke to his dad about freezing some sperm so that when he beats this he may still have a chance at having kids.  This was something that they hadn't thought of and they were going to talk to the Dr's about it and see what they thought.  When I hear of someone young undergoing any kind of cancer treatment my mind automatically jumps to their fertility.  I don't see cancer as a death sentence at all.  I just know far too many people that have been rendered sterile due to invasive treatments for cancer. 

I took hubby up to see him on Saturday night.  By this time they had put him in a regular room and all kinds of people were able to visit him.  We then picked up some take out burgers and went over to help his folks get ready for their journey by car to Toronto the next day.  We didn't so much physically help, but we laughed, joked and talked.  Maybe just kept their minds busy for the few hours we were there. 

I am hopeful for him and he and his family are constantly in my thoughts.  I will keep in contact with him via the internet and texting and we can only be supportive and loving.....This can be beat!!!

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