Monday, October 11, 2010


Andrea over at the Fishbowl had a challenge to commemorate 10/10/10 October the 10th, of 2010 by taking a picture every hour on the hour with a picture!  I messed up and did mine on the half hour, but did it none the less!
So here they are!

930 Quiche in the oven

10:30 Getting ready to chop onions for the mashed potatoes (I'll share the recipe later)

1130 I'm finally taking a minute to enjoy the quiche

1230 I'm almost ready for company

130 Carrots are ready!

230 All the veggies and the onions for the potatoes are waiting

330 Texas Horseshoes are about to begin

430 Beer and Jello Shooter!

530 Turkey #2 is ready to fry

630 Part of the dinner spread

730 Part of the mess to clean

It was a great day!  I'll post a recap on the whole weekend later!!

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Today

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