Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend Recap

I had an amazing weekend!  I started with a flight to Ottawa, shuttled to the Cartier Place Hotel where I checked my suitcase and then took a quick cab ride up to the Rideau Centre and some serious shopping!  I wandered through the Byward Market and then met up with a friend for the night!

The Market is a great place to wander!  There are all kinds of little shops, restaurants, buskers and funky stuff to look at and buy.  I took a wander into Sassy Beads and picked up some beads for myself and while I was there I made a bracelet for a friend of mine who recently broke on of hers that was a gift to all of us from another friend.  The one that she broke meant a great deal to her so I picked and sorted through the store and came up with one for her that has the letters "YGG" in the middle.  She is a university student at the age of 48 and You Go Girl has become a mantra!  She was thrilled as was I!  I bought some chinese pajamas for the girls and a hat for a little guy.  I ended up going back on Saturday and bought more hats for all three kids!! We are going back to Ottawa in 2 weeks for a wedding and I scored a great suit at The Bay that was 40% off and because I was a tourist I received an additional 15% off.

Friday night S and I went and did a little bit of shopping, had some dinner and then just went back to our room and relaxed, bitched, drank some wine and had some really good laughs.  Saturday morning we were a little slow moving, but managed to make it to the wedding shower of another friend and met up with the rest of our gang there.  After the shower, I played tourist all alone and wandered through Ottawa and took pictures and marveled at what was around me.  People from all over the world come to Ottawa and very rarely do we play tourist in our own back yard!!  I took some pics......

From the Air

Gotta love Clouds

Ottawa from the Air

More Ottawa

Ottawa Airport

Funky Pumpkins in the Market


The view from our room

In the Market

Part of Parliament Hill

Rideau Locks

Outdoors at the NAC

The Parliament Buildings

The Unknown Soldier

Thought it was pretty

The intersection of the hotel

I spent Saturday night with my cousin and her family and had a great time sharing a little too much wine and conversation in the hot tub.  Sunday was quiet and nice.  The perfect way to end a great weekend and nurse a hangover!

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