Monday, October 25, 2010

Post Number 50! 25 More Things About Me

26.  I want to be an Estetician
27.  Sometimes my hubby drives me crazy
28.  He is a drinker
29.  I'd be lost without him
30.  Some of my best friends were met online
31.  I drive a Ford
32.  I have always had GMC vehicles
33.  I used to be a speed demon
34.  Now speed scares me
35.  I'm not a morning person
36.  I'm  not much of a night owl anymore either
37.  I love to read
38.  I like all kinds of music
39.  My sister is one of my best friends
40.  We used to fight all the time
41.  Even through snail mail
42.  I miss my grandpa
43.  He had an aortic aneurysm when my child was 3 days old
44.  He lived against all odds
46.  We had 6 years we weren't supposed to have with him
47.  My Nana still lives in their home
48.  She still drives at 88
49.  They celebrated 67 years of marriage last year
50.  It's hard to imagine being married that long.


  1. My Grandma died last year . . . at age 100.5. She had moved into an assisted living apartment at age 95, but she still didn't need much assistance. Amazing thing. (She was a bit of a dragon lady, though. Ornery. . .)

  2. Grampa was very ornery too the last little bit that he lived at home...he was always an emotional man and to see him cranky all the time was hard. I think part of it was the frustration and not being the man he used to be and the Parkinsons as well.