Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I've been having a rough few days.  Nothing in particular....

Ok so it's a few things....

There are some problems between myself and 2 other family members.  Not so much with one as with the other, but when there is a problem with one it always ends up to be with both.  Does that make any sense at all?  I chose to write a note and send it to them so that I could get some things off of my chest that had been bothering me for ages.  It got turned around that the problems were all mine and they accepted no responsibility or remorse.  I responded with another email and so far have had no response.  I have been removed from their contacts on a very popular social networking site and above all of that, I am hurt.  Hurt that the blood relative is putting their spouse first and not their child.  I feel very protective of my child.  If I see someone treating her in a way that I don't like, I will defend her.  I don't understand how a parent cannot or will not stand in defense of their own children and allows their spouse to treat the children(we are all adults now) with such a lack of respect.  It makes little sense to me.  This has been going on for more than 25 years and I should be used to it, but it still bothers me. 

We put my father in law on a list for geared to income housing here in our area about a year ago and we got a call last week that there was an opening!  I went and looked at the place today and it's almost identical to the unit he lives is now which is 6 hours from here.  Sometime in December hubby will be moving him here and I called one of hubby's sisters tonight to tell her and was hoping for some moral support and excitement that her father will be closer.  I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up.  He is a very nice man.  He is  an alcoholic and was not around when the kids were growing up.  That is partially his fault and partially the fault of my mother in law.  She wouldn't allow him to see the kids and he moved on.  It was a long time ago and now the attitude of some of the siblings is that they don't know him, so why should they bother with him.  If they would only take the time they would learn so much about him and realize that he would like another chance.  He is in his late 70's and his health is not great at all.  I can only hope that once he moves here that they will give him a chance and visit every now and then so that he can see his grandchildren.  Time will tell, but I will very likely end up disappointed again.

Three years ago we had new neighbors move onto our street.  A small family like ours and we really clicked.  We spend weekends together, eat at least one meal a week together and have the same interests.  I am really disappointed that they may return to their home town.  I understand why they are going, I'm just going to really miss them.  It's only 2 hours away and I know that there will be lots of mileage put on my vehicle on the weekends, but it just won't be the same as popping in at any given time. Fortunately where we camp in the summer is almost the halfway point between the 2 towns so getting together in the summer will be easier!  On another bright note, they will be that much closer to the border, so day trips to the US for shopping will be that much easier!!!

Every year there is a group of ladies that get together for an annual weekend.  We bring no children, no husbands just our credit cards and shopping gear.  The weekend was supposed to be this coming weekend.  Turns out that there is so much going on for everyone that it won't happen.  I have already booked my flights using some points and I am not canceling.  I will fly out of here on Friday morning and do some shopping on my own, then meet up with one of the ladies to spend the night in a hotel, just the two of us.  Another friend who is celebrating a birthday on the weekend is going to join us for a few hours and we are just going to kick back and relax.  Saturday we have a brunch to attend and then I am going to shop some more and then head out to spend the remainder of the weekend with my cousin and her family.  I was disappointed when things didn't work out the way they were supposed to, but I am very excited about spending some time with 2 dear friends and then being able to spend some unexpected time with family. 

I have had to force myself to continue with my 365 Photography Project, but it gives me something to focus on!  I am still knitting and will be delivering 2 hats this weekend to my cousin's baby and am working on a funky hat and mitten set that I haven't decided what to do with yet!  I have one finger that is raw from the knitting needles.  I am using a worsted weight but added some fun fur to it and it's a tighter in the needles so my fingers hurt.

I think I've had a long enough pity party for one night. If you made it this far, thanks for listening! I have eggs to peel for lunches tomorrow and I have laundry to fold so that I can get it all put away tomorrow and then get my suitcase out and start filling it for the weekend.  Maybe this weekend will be just what I need to kick my ass back into gear!!

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