Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Accomplished so far this week!

After a weekend get away and a very lazy day yesterday I sat last night and finished a very simple and easy hat and mitten set that I hope will fit the little girl next door for her birthday next week.  The mittens are the basic pattern that I use.  Instead of doing a cuff off ribbing I used the main blue to cast on and then knit one row before adding the eyelash.  I knit 2 inches and then knit 5 rows of stocking stitch before starting the thumb gusset.  The hat is just a very simple rolled brimmed hat and did the embellishing on the brim the same as the mittens.  For the trim on the top of the hat, instead of gathering the top stitches and sewing them, I used each one and casted on 18 to 21 stitches then casted them off. 

Today I sat for a few hours and sorted through all of my yarn.  I save all the bags that we get our sheets and comforters in!  They have zippers and are see through.  I made 3 piles.......
To go to a local daycare to see what they can use.  What they can't will be donated

Might list some of this on eBay

My keep pile....yikes

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