Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

This one sounds like fun!  I'm more of a spring person, but fall has it's advantages!

1.  It's wonderful to see the sunrise in the morning.  The sun is up far too early in the spring for a non morning person like me to see.
2.  The smell of wood stoves burning in the evenings
3.  The beautiful palette of colors no matter where you look
4.  Photo opportunities!! Frost in the morning, changing colors
5.  Preserves and the smell in the house while doing them
6.  Canadian Thanksgiving!  This weekend is family, turkey and visiting
7.  Not feeling guilty about sitting in front of the TV knitting because it's too chilly outside to do anything
8.  Hats and Mitts!  Love to knit them, love to see them on the kids
9.  I love being back into a routine.  Summer is wonderful, but routine with kids is a good thing
10.  Christmas is coming!!


  1. love your list - and you are definitely making the most of #4 - your photos are amazing...especially love the ones of the first frost (hope we are a few more weeks away from that where we are!)

  2. What a great list! My Mom is Canadian -- so I celebrate Thanksgiving twice! :-)