Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

10 Ways to Have Fun on Long Car Rides

1.  It's the digital age and we have a DVD player, make sure to pack new and loved movies
2.  New CD's or playlists on the MP3 Player are always good
3.  A good book.  Nothing passes the time like reading
4.  A pillow.  Nothing is worse than a sore neck from sleeping in a weird position.
5.  Keep you camera handy.  You never know what you are going to see.
6.  With the kids car bingo is fun!  Make them up on the computer or use erasable white boards
7.  Make a list of all the towns you have to go through and then as you go through them cross them off the list!  We love that one
8.  Coloring books, blank paper, markers, crayons..all the fun stuff for kids
9.  I like to bring simple knitting.  No big patterns.  Hats and mitts are great
10. Chatting.  Nothing makes a long strip seem shorter than chatting with your traveling companion!

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Thanks to Carole Knits for putting it out there every week!

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