Monday, November 1, 2010

One year ago......

Hubby finally relented and we brought home Socks.  She was a little furball with nothing much to her at all.  We went to a local Kitten Shelter and found her among all the cats that were there.  We had such a hard time choosing which one to bring home and when I saw how lovable this little kitten with the 2 white back legs were we decided to call her Socks and brought her home.
First Day Home

She wasn't a very hyper kitten!  We've been very lucky that she never climbed curtains and hasn't destroyed any furniture.  She loves tinfoil balls and if she hears the tinfoil she comes running.

One of her favorite places to sleep

Santa brought her a bed!
She has grown into a sweet lovable cat and we are happy to have her as part of our family!
Santa might have to bring a bigger bed!

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