Saturday, November 20, 2010

Post Number 75! 25 More Things About Me

51.  I am lazy by nature
52.  My computer is driving me nuts
53.  I sometimes don't have enough patience
54.  My favorite TV channel is A&E
55.  I like to read True Crime
56.  I like driving
57.  As long as hubby is not in the car
58.  I've only had one serious car accident
59.  Nobody was hurt
60.  It was on a snowy road
61.  I am still afraid of snowy corners
62.  It happened 18 years ago
63.  I hate paying retail prices
64.  I love thrift shopping
65.  Some of my favorite clothes are second hand
66.  Hubby hasn't bought his own clothes since we met
67.  I have to be careful buying clothes for the child now
68.  She has her own sense of style
69.  I still have to set her clothes out for school
70.  I'm not a big movie buff
71.  Hubby will start watching a movie halfway through
72.  It drives me insane
73.  I like to give gifts
74.  It makes me happy to see someone smile
75.  I tend to give things away instead of selling them

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